Step Up Your Marketing Efforts with Email Marketing & Social Media [infographic]

Being a business owner myself, we all know what direction marketing has turned to…the INTERNET, and more precisely, INBOUND MARKETING. What is Inbound Marketing? It’s about attracting customers, not distracting them. It’s about giving them some relevant content they can actually use, and hopefully in turn they will come back to you for your goods or services. It’s about interacting with your customers, prospects…anyone you want to keep in front of. The problem is finding the time and/or money in your budget to step up your marketing campaign and tailor it to today’s market.

The beauty of Inbound Marketing is that it’s pretty inexpensive. There are many avenues you can take with Email & Social Media Marketing that are very cost effective. If you’re just starting out and looking to do-it-yourself, MailChimp offers a great free email service, and HootSuite offers a free social media campaign platform.

So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, there’s the time factor. Coming up with great content to use for your email marketing and social media campaigns, blogging…you name it; doesn’t come without taking time to prepare it. Many wonder if it’s really worth all the hype. Check out my infograph I put together below…the numbers don’t lie!

Whether you decide to take it on yourself, or find someone to help you get started, adding an Inbound Marketing strategy to your current marketing efforts will be worth your while.

Don’t expect results overnight…remember the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, with Inbound Marketing that’s the key…keep up your campaign, dripping on your customers and prospects with some great content, and you’ll see the results!

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