Client Gift Giving Ideas This Holiday Season

The holidays bring out the “giver” in everyone. It’s the time of year we express our gratitude to clients and send gifts during the holiday season. The key is how well we get to know them throughout the year that can make your gift go beyond the ordinary and stand out.

Do you find yourself scrambling in the beginning of December for gift ideas? As a whole, we tend to fall into the “gift basket” trap. Not all gift baskets are a bad idea…nor are they created equal. Sending a box of high-end chocolates to a chocolate lover (like myself) is a great idea. But stop for just a minute….are you sending the same box of chocolates to everyone? Are you sending them to a client that is a diabetic… crackers to someone who has celiac disease…A bottle of bubbly to a recovering alcoholic?

Knowing your clients can help with a personalized basket.  You can send a golf basket for the golfer and coffee basket for the coffee lover, but if you want to stand out, then you need to make your gift stand out.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”—Steve Martin.

Take the time to nurture your relationships and get to know your clients throughout the year, and make the holiday season a time for that personal thank you. Some ideas to try out this year include:

Charitable Organizations

Do you have a client that’s involved in a particular charity, organization or foundation? Make a donation in their name or yours; the charity can send a letter on your behalf noting the contribution.

Gift Certificates

Instead of sending golf balls and tees with the company logo to the avid golfer, try a gift certificate to their favorite local course, or one they’ve talked about wanting to visit. Do they love the Theatre? Purchase a gift certificate to a local playhouse.

Wine or Beer Lover

Give them a membership that ships a different variety of wine or beer every month (this may not be available in all States). You can try The Original Craft Beer Club or Wine Of The Month Club. A gift certificate to a local brew house or winery where they can make their own beer or wine is also a unique idea…these are increasingly popular and can be found all over the country.

The Health Nut

Try out a subscription service to a healthy alternative to snacking. Graze is a popular site that offers 100’s of items you can choose from to be boxed and sent to your clients home or business.

It’s the thought that counts….so make it count! Show that you’ve put some thought into the holidays this season. You can make a big impact showing that you’ve taken the time to get to know your clients, and use that to express your gratitude. If you’re looking for someone to help coordinate this type of project for you, visit Elite Virtual Assistants.


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