5 Signs You Should Invest In A Virtual Assistant

As VA’s are starting to become a staple for many professionals and small business owners, there are still those unfamiliar with what a virtual assistant can do, and how they help boost productivity.  Many clients I speak with come to me knowing they need help, but still aren’t quite sure how a virtual assistant can work for them.

If you’re not sure what type of help you need, below are some tell-tale signs that a virtual assistant is in your future:

Lack of timely follow-up. Are you good at attracting your clients or customers, but lack the proper follow up? This task takes time, but is a crucial part of any business. Whether you’re looking to keep current clients informed through follow up calls, newsletters or a monthly email check-up, or wanting to get back in touch with those that fell off the radar; this is a task that can’t afford to be overlooked.

Missing appointments or special occasions. Even with reminders that pop up throughout the day for your lunch appointment or a client’s birthday dinner, when we get busy we become forgetful. Having a weekly Skype meeting or conference call with your virtual assistant to go over the weeks activities helps to put your schedule in order. Assisting with gift purchases; whether for a client or family member, is another task that can be handled easily for your virtual assistant.

Not responding to emails or voicemails in a timely manner. Are you hearing…”I sent you an email or voicemail and haven’t heard back”? If you find your inbox is never ending and you’re dropping the ball on that important message that was buried, it’s probably time to hire someone to help sort through the clutter.

Research is taking a back seat. Whether you’re researching facts and figures or looking for your competitors secret weapon, research is a key factor in every facet of business from reporting to presentations, and one that can’t afford to take a back seat.

Spending too much time on a daunting task . If you’re spending as much time looking for pictures or coming up with a catchy title for your blog as you are writing it, this is time that could be used more effectively. Many hours can be lost searching for the right photo, caption or what to post next on your social media outlets. This is a great task to give your virtual assistant.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or if you need help with your business or to lighten the load with personal errands, we all get to the point where there aren’t enough hours in the day and we are struggling with tasks that we shouldn’t be. Whether you’re in need of an on-call right hand or someone to help plan and implement your schedule, take a few minutes to see what tasks can be taken off your plate and boost your productivity. Your bottom line will thank you in the end.