How To Make More Money in 2016

Everyone wants to make more money, and some people have figured out a way to be more productive in the hours they work.  Many people wonder – how do they do it? It’s simple…successful people look at what their time is worth and figure out how to maximize that time.

40 hour work week (1)

For example, roughly figure out what you’re making at an hourly rate. To simplify, let’s say you make $60 per hour. Now look at everything you do on a daily or weekly basis. Are there tasks you are doing that you could pay someone less to do for you? Can you outsource your social media postings, email campaigns, newsletters, client on boarding, administrative paperwork, invoicing, scheduling or your online research and analytics? If so, are you willing to pay someone to do those tasks?

Let’s say the work you can outsource takes you 10 hours each week to do. If you pay an assistant $300 per week to handle those tasks, you have now freed up 10 hours weekly to spend doing what makes you money. Once you pay your assistant, you’re now making an additional $300 per week which is increasing your income by $1200 per month.  Whether you’re selling a product or a service, more sales means more money. But sometimes even more importantly, it takes your workload down to a more manageable pace.

One of my favorite things I hear from our clients after working with us is how much of a relief it is to not have to worry about that part of their business on a daily or weekly basis. Many people find that once they hire a virtual assistant they are able to do more in that extra time than they thought possible. A VA removes the fog and allows you to work more efficiently and productively. Our assistants often become a motivational force that not only help brainstorm new and fresh ideas and creative ways to grow the business, but also brings organization to the workflow.

At Elite Virtual Assistants we take pride in our assistants and our clients. If this is an area you’re looking to explore, give us a call. We take time to learn about you and your business, and what is the best way our virtual assistants can help you.




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