How I Ended My Struggle with Accountability

Do you find that you have the drive to keep yourself going, but lack the organization and follow up you need to be really successful? Do you tend to lend blame to others or even certain circumstances when you fall short? It happens to the best of us. If you’re a one-person show…who is making you accountable to get things done? And if you don’t get them done, are you taking responsibility or shifting the blame? defines accountability as: The obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Many people find themselves struggling with accountability, regardless of their profession. You may seek a business coach to help you, as they can guide you on the path for success, giving you the motivation you need. Many people, like myself, require that constant push to get ahead and keep moving forward. But what happens when the coaching is over? This is where having an “accountability partner” comes into play for me. Just like having a workout buddy helps you stay motivated and focused on getting or staying in shape, having a partner that can help you grow your business can work the same way.

I’ve made two changes over the last year to help me with my own accountability. The first was having a partner in my business. Danae and I talk twice each week; once at the beginning of the week to set our goals and decide on a game plan, and again at the end of the week to see where we’re at and what our results were. The second was hiring a Virtual Assistant to help us get the tasks done within our game plan, which helps to keep us both on track along the way. The rule we’ve used for our Virtual Assistant is to outsource what we can teach, and the rest we do ourselves. We make sure we’re clear with the results we’re looking for, and the time frame we need it done. Our VA is held accountable for her tasks, and Danae and I are accountable for ours.

I was listening to Jeffrey Hayzlett on Doug Sandler’s Podcast  the other day and he mentioned something that was funny, but true. He said we need to “get rid of the squirrels”. It’s so easy to get distracted and lose your focus, which many times means a task or project goes unfinished or is delayed longer than it needs to be. Personally, knowing that someone is holding me accountable makes me 99 times more likely to have that done than if I held only myself accountable for those tasks.

Whether you’re looking for accountability for yourself or for someone you’re working with, try implementing the guidelines I follow:

  1. Have a clear vision
  2. Understand the expected results
  3. Decide on your game plan
  4. Accept responsibility for your actions

If you find yourself needing that extra push, try finding yourself an “accountability partner”. It’s helped me more than I ever realized it would!




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