9 Benefits of a Virtual Assistant vs. An In-House Assistant

One of the struggles many business owners face when trying to decide on hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. an in-house assistant may be a misunderstanding on how the virtual relationship works. Many people feel a sense of security in having an assistant they can see every day and in some ways be able to monitor their activity.

Some areas to consider when hiring an in-house assistant are:

  • Finding a place to advertise.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • What will the employees work schedule be (will you need to be present when they are?).
  • What equipment/furniture will you need to provide?

When you’re looking for downright efficiency in the hiring & learning process of an assistant, a VA is the right choice.

  • A VA will already have the skills & experience in areas you’re looking for, or be knowledgeable enough to learn quickly.
  • A VA will already have a home office in place which will save you and your company money from having to purchase any additional equipment.
  • You won’t have to worry about conflicting work schedules. You can assign your tasks or projects with a deadline and your work will be ready. Sometimes having someone in a different time zone allows a VA to either be working before you’re out of bed, or past the time you’ve already left.
  • A VA only charges for the time they’ve spent working for you, not for the time spent with in-office distractions.
  • VA’s are proficient with the latest technology and can typically jump into a project with little direction needed.
  • A VA is typically an independent contractor whether they’re working through an agency or freelancing. They take pride in their work because it’s their reputation on the line as well as yours.
  • There are no commuting issues with a VA. Your work will always be done regardless of snow storms or traffic delays.
  • With a VA there is no paid leave, sick time or vacation time. Virtual Assistants are only paid for the time they work.
  • VA’s have a very low turnover rate. One of the main reasons people are leaving the 9-5 workday is due to obligations at home. A VA can still work efficiently from their home office and be available when necessary for other obligations.

Working with a Virtual Assistant has other advantages too. You can  read more on How A Remote WorkPlace Can Increase Productivity and see how much more productive a remote worker like a VA can be. There are some interesting facts from that post highlighting how disruptive it can be to work in an office:

  • The average worker experiences an interruption every 3 minutes.
  • It typically takes 23 minutes to return to the original task.
  • In a recent study, the average worker only works 3 days a week due to interruptions and/or office meetings.

If you’ve decided on working with a VA, the next big question is usually where to find one. There are many different freelance sites for independent VA’s to post their experience, and there are just as many agencies that can match you with a VA that has the skill set you’re looking for and eliminate the search all together. You can check out the differences by reading Freelance vs. Agency: 6 Benefits A Virtual Assistant Agency Provides. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a time and money saving advantage for any business when compared to hiring an in-house assistant.

Laura is the founder of Elite Virtual Assistants. If you’re looking for information on working with a Virtual Assistant, or you are a Virtual Assistant looking to join a growing company, give her a call today at (440) 973-7005.


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