Use Your Time Wisely & Be More Productive

It’s easy to get caught up in the circus of our daily lives and end up doing things on auto-pilot. How many times have you traveled your regular route to work, and inadvertently drove that way when you needed to be somewhere else? Although we all have those moments, the key is staying focused and on task and using the most productive times of the day to your advantage.

It’s no secret that the first three hours of your day are the most productive. Make sure that you set that time aside to do tasks that require the most thought and attention. Your brain can only focus for 90-120 minutes before needing a break. Schedule a mid-morning break to get up, stretch and grab a high protein snack to help power you through until lunch. The most unproductive time of the day is 3pm, which is a good time to schedule those tasks that require less thought.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but in the end most of us want the same thing…to get the most out of our time. With today’s more flexible work schedule, many people aren’t working the traditional 9-5 day. For those that do, the points below are some reminders to help you stay on track and productive:

  1. Exercise in the morning. It’s not always easy, but it will wake your body up and help you focus to get the most out of those crucial 3 hours.
  2. Schedule your demanding tasks for your first 3 hours, with a break half way through.
  3. Get out for lunch. Whether it’s lunch with colleagues or taking a brisk walk, getting out of the office to clear your mind, even for 30 minutes will help bring you back refreshed. And don’t overeat…this will leave you tired and full.
  4. Schedule the 3pm slump time to handle tasks that don’t require too much thought or concentration. You will still be able to get something accomplished without having to put too much effort in.
  5. Leave the office at a decent time. We all have deadlines and commitments, but staying late night after night will only leave you drained.
  6. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, which is the recommended amount for most adults. Your body needs time to rest and recharge in order to get up and do it all again.

Sometimes we forget the obvious when we find ourselves busy, but it’s important to take a step back and not only make sure we’re making the most of our time, but that we’re taking time for ourselves where we can. Your mind and body will thank you.

Laura is the founder of Elite Virtual Assistants. If you’re looking for information on working with a Virtual Assistant, or you are a Virtual Assistant looking to join a growing company, give her a call today at (440) 973-7005.


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